DYS Homeroom

“I love DYS Homeroom because it is a safe space where I feel I can talk about my feelings with friends. It’s so fun to be around other Davidson Young Scholars in a friendly environment! I enjoy all of Michele’s mini lessons. I love and cherish every moment with Michelle and my peers.” – Lauren, Age 11 (DYS Scholar)

Welcome to homeroom classes addressing social and emotional needs, creative problem solving, and effective task management in a friendly setting. This is a fun space for students who are profoundly gifted to meet like-minded peers.

Classes are set to run Sep. 6th – Dec. 16th (except Nov. 24th and 25th) for the fall semester of 2022.

Classes are set to run Jan. 9 – May 26 (except April 7 – 14) for the spring semester of 2023.

DYS Homerooms run M-F at the below times:

DYS 1 (9:30amET/8:30amCT)

DYS 2 (11:00amET/10:00amCT/9:00amMT/8:00amPT)

DYS 3 Puget Sound Exclusive (8:30amPT)

DYS 4 Puget Sound Exclusive (9:00amPT)

DYS 5 (12:30amET/11:30amCT/10:30amMT/9:30amPT)

If you would like a sense of our daily routine:

  • 10 minutes: Check-in questions for the day (What classes do you have? What specific topics are being focused on in these classes? How are you feeling today about these classes and the way they are going?)
  • 15 minutes: Guided discussions about various aspects of giftedness from resources recommended by Davidson (attending with a notebook/journal is encouraged)
  • The Monday routine focuses on project-sharing. Friday classes include online games, riddles, and lateral thinking puzzles.


The gifted psychology information used in this class comes from “The Gifted Kids Workbook: Mindfulness Skills to Help Children Reduce Stress, Balance Emotions, and Build Confidence” by Heather Boorman and “The Gifted Kid/Teen Survival Guides” along with other resources suggested by Davidson. Please check out the class policy on this website for additional questions about communication, absences, homework, and behavior.


The cost is $45 per week ($9/class). Billing takes place on a monthly basis via PayPal. Students are expected to attend at least three days a week on a regular basis. (A three to four day option is offered on a consistent basis due to scheduling issues, but then the price becomes $10/class. Please reach out about any special concerns regarding your schedule.)

How did the homerooms start?

This homeroom is not at all associated with the Davidson Institute and is an informal class organized by parents. After being contacted to launch the homerooms, Michelle held daily classes in three different sections accommodating Eastern Time, Central Time, and Pacific Time students across the country during the 2021/2022 school year. Summer sessions twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays are also part of her online teaching schedule.

Curious about the teacher?

Michelle, a certified talented and gifted teacher, gained extensive experience last year providing lessons addressing topics relevant to kids in the Young Scholars program. If you haven’t already, you can read about Michelle here and check out additional reviews.

You can always contact Michelle directly if needed at savvyhistory (at) gmail.com

What is Savvy History? Michelle explores biographies using music and storytelling. Michelle specializes in taking true stories from the past and presenting them in an engaging way with folk music. The original music of Savvy History is one part of a larger project focused on creativity throughout history, distilling research into songs, classes, and written articles about inventors, artists, authors, entrepreneurs, and explorers. Michelle loves teaching in a variety of mediums about topics relevant to curious and passionate learners.

“Our 8 year old daughter has both participated in Michelle’s Davidson Young Scholars (DYS) morning homerooms and enrolled in special 1:1 instruction with Michelle.  Michelle quickly formed a bond with our daughter, and in just a matter of months I can see substantial benefits from the time they’ve spent together.  Michelle is a very thoughtful teacher who presents engaging and pertinent materials to her students, while her patience and encouragement towards each student is unparalleled.  She creates a safe space for children to be themselves while also working with them to build life skills to overcome challenges.  My daughter has made some great connections and looks forward to seeing her friends every morning.  On top of all that, Michelle is always responsive to my communications and always willing to share her wealth of knowledge or provide additional help.  We look forward to continuing to learn with Michelle!”  – Megan, DYS Parent